Copyright © 2018 by Marvin Cohen

Is life mysterious?
Of course. Be serious.
Mystery is just one element
from tail to trunk of the elephant
which we as life's celebrant
take voluminously to the heart
to solve any puzzle and still become smart.
Diversity and variety abound.
Thus we go swirling around
tasting this and that from the treasury box
that mere curiosity openly unlocks,
sampling trivia and items deluxe
just for a minor expenditure of bucks,
and the world unfolds profusely,
surrendering tightly and loosely
rich gems and poor trinklets,
high surprises along slight gifts,
to do our deep lives such uplifts
that toward mystery just about anything tilts,
even to the point of wearing kilts.
Hurry up before all before us wilts,
and to catch up, we awkwardly skid on stilts.