Copyright © 2018 by Marvin Cohen

Women's hips are wider than men's
to make room for baby embryos
who fill out, and need the whole space
to wail, while about to be born,
that life has a reputation to be forlorn
but it's too late to opt out
from nature's plan, whether or not
that reputation is correct
and is exactly what we must expect.
Those embryos got large and were born.
Life turned out to conform
to the prediction it would be forlorn.
But go ahead and live, and blow your own horn
to make your lungs young and strong.
Then marry a wide-hipped girl
like your mother and give it a whirl.
Let whatever happens go ahead and unfurl
despite the forlorn tendency
of life from beginning to endency.
Surprise yourself. Life won't be too bad
but first try it out, and see if it's that sad.
If it is, then go ahead and be mad.
At least you're alive, so be somewhat glad.
You'll get a baby girl from your wide-hipped wife,
so proudly you've produced a whole new life.