Copyright © 2018 by Marvin Cohen

Life is frail, life is fragile.
Protect it as best you can.
Being free and easy with it
should be a lifetime ban.
Be tight and restrictive
to protect its tiny precious inch.
If you see danger come close,
close your fists and flinch.
Don't let life's distance shrink
from oblivion -- don't dare blink.
One careless slip, and then
the door's slammed shut -- don't ask when.
Try to analyze it, but too late:
Your thinking's gone, and so is your fate.
How close to the edge life can be!
Give me your pledge to be cowardly,
after taking due care
not to do what you don't dare.
Watch out, be quick.
Life's easy to unstick.
Don't take peril for granted.
If you're rich, your tomb may be granite
unless the cemetery keeper will ban it.