Copyright © 2018 by Marvin Cohen

If there were no philosophy, would there still be life?
Sure there would. The intellect is extra
to cement down the substance of this lecture.
It's essential we be rational
to make sense of the actual
in relation to the prevalent irrational
that runs through the entire universe
and runs back again in reverse,
whether in blessing or in curse.
If I had extra money in my purse,
I'd sponsor an investigation
into the joint mentality of every nation
and find out how the whole world ticks.
There's a lot of benevolence. They're not all pricks.
Let kindness be our social substance
to combat our rampant inhumanity
that corrupts the purity of our sanity,
and helps psychiatry to thrive
to keep mental illness alive
or else cure it
just slightly bit by bit.
It would make a terrific movie hit,
especially if provided with wit
and mechanical technology for extra effect
to add dimension to our study of intellect.
Add everything else, just to make it perfect,
devoid whatever of the least defect.
Whatever mistake, be sure to correct.
I'll choose an expert to inspect
the damages and the revenue,
then be sure to get back to you
to put you in the picture with a cue.