Copyright © 2018 by Marvin Cohen

What can cure melancholy
that came seemingly from nowhere?
Convert it to being jolly
and dig up your extra laughter
from jokes long leftover,
revive them with new flair,
dancingly leap to the air
with merriment's burst from nowhere,
just exuberant spirits
that combat and win over
melancholy's relinquished reign,
shifting sides on the same plain
of neutral capacity
handling emotional opposites
ejecting one, pop! from where it sits
and situate to the other side
to seesaw the same ride
like a counter-espionage agent
smoothly turning the adjacent
with a magician's suave patience
without the slightest wastage
and no loss of face-ege.
Melancholy to happiness is a ride,
but back to melancholy in a landslide,
and your hopes must momentarily subside
until you reverse this embattled tide.