Copyright © 2018 by Marvin Cohen

If only I could go back in time
to reclaim opportunities I once had
that I casually rejected
but today would be ultra desirable
and intoxicatingly obsessive
if only within my possessive.
Examples? Offhand I forgot them,
but remind me another time
and I'll remember them with a vengeance
and pour all my recollective engines
to retrieve what I was on the verge of
if only today I could regain the nerve of
at the moment of direct impulse
that, lacking it, I would convulse
and medically damage my pulse.
Human desire takes place within time.
Let opportunity thenceforth chime
with desire right on the spot
to claim ecstatically the whole pot
that gleams in evidence that it's there to have
if only you realize it's dear to have
in the ready clutches of what's near to have
with the great Now that it's here to have
without the fear: -- of losing it
if you departed from your silly wit
and dropped the ball in an ugly fit.